Suggestions before visiting our Showroom

Measure carefully!

To determine your square footage, measure (in inches) the lengths and the widths of all the areas you have to tile. Try to break the area into manageable  shapes and measure these separately. Multiply the length by the width, then divide by 144 (the number of square inches in a square foot). Keep in mind, if there are a lot of tiles needing to be cut, please add an extra 10% for cuts and breakage. If you’re laying the tile in a diagonal pattern, ensure an extra
15% because a lot more tiles will need to be cut in this instance.

Square/Rectangle: Length x Width / 144 = Square Footage
Triangle: Base x Height / 2 / 144 = Square Footage
Circle: Pie x (Radius squared) / 144 = Square Footage

NOTE: If you measure in feet, instead of inches, skip dividing by 144!

Bring samples!
In order for us to get a better idea of what you’re looking for, we need clues!

Bring counter top, cabinets, paints, floorings, fabrics/upholsteries, appliances, trims, and anything you want to match or compliment.  Remember that the lighting in our showroom compared to yours at home may be worlds apart. Be prepared to take tile samples back home with you as well.

Check out other installations!
Get a general idea of what you’d like in your own home by viewing catalogues, web-sites, show-homes, even friend’s homes for design concepts. We’ll gladly help you elaborate on these. For inspiration, visit our Idea Gallery.